2020 is coming to an end and it is time to look back at a terrible year, in which video games have been one of our main sources of escapism. Among them are some of the novelties that we have been launching throughout the year, and that we have compiled in this post. How many have you played? Did you know them all? Take a look, because among some of these suggestions you could find the perfect title to end the year or start 2021 in a grand way.

Willy Jetman: Astromonkey’s Revenge

There are many developers who try to recreate the aesthetics and mechanics of the classics of the 80s and 90s, but few have managed to do so with the honesty, dedication and talent of Last Chicken Games. This Barcelona studio joined forces with Badland Publishing to launch this wonderful 2D adventure in which the player plays the role of Willy, a space sweeper who is commissioned to recover the remains of a crashed ship. But what you will find on the planet Gravos, both on the surface and in its complex network of caves, will go far beyond space ecologism. A race in peril, vestiges of an ancient civilization, a most aggressive fauna and a growing arsenal of weapons and gadgets that are giving access to new areas of the planet, in the purest style Metroidvania, awaits in a game available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Steam and iOS and Android devices.

Alpaca Ball: Allstars

If there is one sport that can bring people from all over the planet together, it is, without a doubt, soccer. A good example is this hilarious party game, in which the Austrian Salt Castle Studios take us to South America to invite us to play delirious soccer matches with alpacas! Forget everything you know about the rules of this sport, because in Alpaca Ball: Allstars anything goes as long as you beat your rival. Using the powerful neck of your alpaca to finish off the ball, making it bounce against the limits of the court to achieve simply incredible goals. Add to this special powers, alpaca customization, different balls (with their own physics), a cooperative campaign for two players and single matches for up to 8 players simultaneously and you will find one of the craziest and funniest sports arcades ever. It is available for Nintendo Switch and Steam, and in early 2021 it will also be available on PlayStation 4.

Oniria Crimes

In a dystopian future, humanity has managed to colonize the last frontier: the world of dreams. But all the evils that afflict the real world will soon reach the dream world as well, as is evident in a series of crimes that you will have to investigate, while embodying one of the Rounders, a secret society created to prosecute any criminal act. Through an absolutely unique voxel aesthetic, Oniria Crimes will leave in your hands the resolution of six cases, in which you will have to search for clues in each crime scene, interrogating the most surprising witnesses: the objects in each room! But beware, because, just like humans, they too are loaded with prejudice and a false suspicion could condemn an innocent person and let the real perpetrator of the crime escape. Oniria Crimes is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Steam and Xbox One.

Inexplicable Deaths in Damipolis: Inner Thoughts

A huge mansion, an evening with a tragic outcome, shadows wandering the halls and a storm that seems never to end. IDID:IT is a first-person adventure with a truly original starting point: the table where the bodies of the guests at a dinner party rest. How did they die? Who was responsible? You’ll have to find out as you play various characters, using objects and keys to make your way through a mansion full of puzzles and secrets. Using a delightful noir aesthetic and a captivating setting, IDID:IT combines the mechanics of a classic investigation adventure with surreal and supernatural elements. This TieSoft’s creation is now available on Steam and will arrive in Spring 2021 on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.


Anima: Gate of Memories – Arcane Edition

The universe of Anima: Beyond Fantasy is a cult phenomenon that crosses borders, and has thrilled Action RPG fans all over the planet. Now you have the opportunity to enjoy the first two installments of the saga in a spectacular physical launch for PlayStation 4. The Arcane Edition comes with a CD with the original soundtrack and a beautiful artbook. Anima: Gate of Memories is an Action RPG that tells the story of a legendary monster and a young girl with no past, two beings united by an unintentional pact. Their lives will take an unexpected turn when they discover that they have been involved in something sinister, a shadow war in which they will be forced to play a key role. Your choices and actions will in infuence the journey and decide the fate of the characters, while you enjoy their unique Dual System that allows you to control two different characters and exchange them dynamically in the middle of any action to create countless combinations. Anima: The Nameless Chronicles tells the story of the Nameless, an immortal being with a curse: to travel the world for all eternity. When he encounters a shadow of his past, he must participate in a conflict that will bring the entire existence at risk. The second Action RPG set in the world of Gaia of Anima: Beyond Fantasy will leave you without breath with its history, incredible graphics, epic battles and the Hand of Tanathos, a system of action that allows to the Nameless one to join temporarily to the Death.


Theme Park Simulator

If you’ve always wondered how an amusement park works, now you can find out with Theme Park Simulator. Control the most emblematic attractions of the amusement parks, with an unprecedented level of realism. It regulates the capacity, activates the security mechanisms and controls the direction and speed of each attraction. Add light and smoke effects and change the decoration to surprise your customers. You also have several cameras, including a free camera, and you can experience each attraction from the passengers’ point of view. Theme Park Simulator allows you to manage 11 different attractions: Ferris Wheel, Bumper cars, Inverter, Tagada, Amor Express, Wild Mouse, Twister, Tokaido, Viking Ship, Techno Jump and Kamizake. This Best Ride Simulators‘ game is available in Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Steam and iOS and Android devices.


Do Not Feed the Monkeys

Welcome to the Primate Observation Club. Your mission is to observe “primates” through a growing number of surveillance cameras and hacked webcams. Your mission is not to interfere in their lives… but the temptation will be too great. In this unclassifiable wonder of Fictiorama Studios you will be able to give free rein to the voyeur we all carry inside, while you immerse yourself in the lives of others, gathering information from newspapers, websites and chat rooms to find out more about their stories. Each game will be different, as you try to survive outside the margins of your screen, looking for work to feed yourself and pay the rent. Do Not Feed the Monkeys is like nothing you’ve ever played before, and is now available on PlayStation 4 in both physical and digital formats.



If there has been a year in which we have needed to escape from reality, it has undoubtedly been this 2020. And if you’re looking for a different way to relax, we encourage you to try Awe, a truly unique experience. Awe is a god-game about expressing one’s creativity by shaping and building planets’ ecosystems in a peaceful, relaxing ambiance accompanied by exquisite, minimalist lowpoly 3D art and atmospheric music. Easy to learn but difficult to master, Awe will challenge you level by level, as you create the orography of your own planets. After succeeding in iOS and Android devices, Awe debuted this year in Nintendo Switch in digital format.



The award-winning game from Fiddlestick Games debuted this year on iOS and Android devices from the hand of Badland Publishing. Turn a gray world into a riot of color as you guide Hue on an odyssey to solve his mother’s disappearance. Collect the clues she left behind in an exciting, action-packed, puzzle-solving platform adventure. Change the color of the stages to reveal doors, overcome obstacles, dodge enemies and activate mechanisms and traps. In Hue, nothing is what it seems at first glance. Add more colors to your palette to unlock new routes and access previously unreachable doors and platforms. Hue brings a new perspective to the classic Metroidvania-style adventure, where colour will play a key role in the gameplay. This port for iOS and Android devices has been specially adapted to offer maximum gameplay and precise control through the touch screen.


Hard West

Created by the Polish CreativeForge Games, Hard West is a supernatural western with mechanics inspired by turn-based strategy classics like XCOM. Only here, instead of facing aliens, you must survive in the Wild West among gunmen, fortune seekers, demons and the undead. Satan reigns among these dusty scenarios, and it won’t be long before we see his footprint throughout 40 missions in which strategy will be as important as good aim. If you’re passionate about turn-based strategy, or just want to try something completely different from what’s usually in the Nintendo Switch catalog, you shouldn’t miss Hard West. It’s hard, sinister and offers a whole new vision of the Wild West. If dysentery and bullets don’t kill you…the Devil’s work will.