About Badland

Badland Publishing provides solutions for indie game developers all over the world. Our aim is to bring marketing opportunities to high quality products developed by international independent studios. We not only provide the technical equipment but also we put all of our knowledge and support at the service of every team. At Badland Publishing, we are confident in offering the necessary marketing solutions tailored to your needs. Our outstanding expertise as distributors is our greatest endorsement to boost your possibilities.

A place for Indie Games

Either physically or digitally, we are enabled to market your game, our game, into all available platforms. Teams, studios, and developers worldwide are already trusting our method, achieving a successful outcome that allows them to work on what they genuinely want: videogames.

At Badland Publishing we believe that a reliable relationship begins by showing our commitment to independent developers, therefore we offer not only our resources, but also our passion, enthusiasm and willingness to enhance the experience of your game.


Our mission

Make a difference in the video game industry by creating value

Support the talent of new independent studies and improve their potential

Create a trustworthy relationship with the player in an expanding sector

Throughout the World

We are focused in the realisation of independent quality games and to distribute them in digital and/or physical formats. For all available platforms, in essence allowing developers all over the world to commercialise their products internationally to markets across the globe. Therefore worldwide development studios, teams and/or personalities immersed in the development of video games will find in BadLand Publishing a means for their hard-work, efforts and talent, resulting in the fruition and monetisation of their creations.

BadLand Publishing is located in an ideal situation to fill the gap that the large distributors were not able to fill, mainly because those distributors couldn’t find a big profit. Supporting from beginning to end a plethora of titles out of major production companies, but with a strong talent, BadLand Games Publishing is committed to independent videogames, believing in them until they are successful, and therefore, making thousands of users enjoy indie games that, otherwise, would never have born.

The exponential growth of the company has led many European Indie studios to rely on BadLand Publishing due to the distribution among all that users hoping to get their hands on their favourite titles.

If you are an Independent Studio looking for a publisher, check out our contact section!