Alpaca Ball Allstars: The most hilarious soccer will arrive at Switch and Steam on America and Europe on October 15th

Alpacas provide the best wool in the world, but we didn’t know that they were also genuine soccer masters. You will be able to verify it on October the 15th, when Alpaca Ball: Allstars from Salt Castle Studio and Badland Publishing in Nintendo Switch and Steam on America and Europe. Get ready to score the most incredible goals in frenetic matches with up to eight players simultaneously.


Choose your alpaca, customize its look and get ready to drill the rival goal using the power and elasticity of their necks. In Alpaca Ball: Allstars there is only one rule: win, and for that you will have to ram your opponents and exploit the physics of the ball to unleash spectacular trick shots, bouncing the ball off the field walls.

Throughout the history of video games there have been many arcade-like soccer games, but none as original and delirious as this one. The key to the mechanics of Alpaca Ball: Allstars lies in the powerful neck of its players, which can hit the ball so hard it literally catches fire. But watch out, the direction of the impacts will vary depending on where your alpaca is facing at the time, which adds a hilarious twist to a game as dizzying as it is exciting.

The realistic physics of the ball, capable of bouncing in unpredictable ways depending on its shape (you will get to play with beach balls, rugby balls… and even dices!) is the central pillar of Alpaca Ball: Allstars, but in this creation of Salt Castle Studio there is also room for fantasy. And we are not only referring to the concept of watching a bunch of alpacas playing soccer: during the games you can pick up various special powers that could turn the scoreboard upside down…

Among these powers, which have a limited duration of a few seconds, there is an american football inspired equipment with which you will be able to knock out your rivals by ramming them, another one that lengthens the neck of the alpacas (multiplying its reach and power), one that dwarfs the rest of the players (including your teammates) or the opportunity to invite an armadillo to roll in the middle of the field, hindering everyone.

The physics of the matches will also be influenced by the design and dimensions of the field. From tiny urban soccer fields (the smaller the size the greater the chaos) to courts without corners that allow you to play real tricks, bouncing the ball as if it were a game of billiards.

About the game modes of Alpaca Ball: Allstars, the best way to learn to play is with the Campaign, which you can play alone, or with a friend in cooperative mode. You start out as an Alpaca Ball newcomer and embark on an epic quest to become one of the best, form your own team and compete in the World Cup so you can save your home. In your travels, you will visit all kinds of soccer fields (there is even one inside a volcano) all across South America and Europe and compete against the CPU. But if you prefer to focus on more direct fun, you can also play matches against other human players or CPU (up to 8, in teams of 4 Vs 4), locally on Nintendo Switch and locally and online on Steam via “Steam Remote Play”.

Ready to enjoy soccer like you’ve never done before? You won’t have to wait long to do it. Alpaca Ball: Allstars will be available, in digital format, from next October 15th for Nintendo Switch and Steam on America and Europe. Choose your alpaca and let the ball roll!