Badland Publishing will publish Die After Sunset, the spectacular 3D shooter from Barcelona-based PlayStark, which will arrive on PC and consoles in 2021. Its creators describe Die After Sunset as “a roguelike third-person 3D shooter where enemies become more powerful in the shadows“. The light and the darkness will take a great importance in the mechanics of a game that will offer various playable characters, giant bosses, power-ups and a charming cartoon design.

The thrilling action of Die After Sunset will take place in large open settings, which will force the player to get the best possible equipment, among a large number of crazy artifacts. The objective is to finish with all the enemies and to unravel the mystery of the Murkor invasion, some nice beings of inoffensive aspect… until they are covered by the darkness.

The journalist April Blazestrong will initially be the star of Die After Sunset; when investigating the interior of an alien ship that has crashed into the Earth she will activate her Artificial Intelligence that, against all odds, will help her discover the origin of the Murkor invasion. Thanks to the AI, April will have the technology and the necessary weapons to discover the secrets of the invasion, but she will have to do it before the Sun sets.

April will not face the Murkor alone, as she advances through the different levels she will unlock new playable characters that will help her in her mission. Each one of them will have specific abilities that will offer the player different ways to face the invasion.

Each of the levels of Die After Sunset will count down, marking the inevitable arrival of the final boss of the level. The player must delay the appearance of the boss as much as possible, completing missions that will be generated and assigned in real time: Destroy Murkor nests that are about to explode, avoid the aliens eating the museum pieces, manage to reactivate the electricity to avoid running out of light…

The generation of missions, in a totally random way, guarantees that each game of Die After Sunset will be completely different from the others, offering a unique experience every time we enter this colorful universe full of charming creatures and unrestrained action.

Die After Sunset will arrive to PC and consoles in 2021 by the hand of PlayStark and Badland Publishing. And then we will see how our ancestral fear of the dark was more than justified.