Do you want to know the major Indie releases that Badland Publishing will launch in the first half of this year? Then don’t miss the Showcase 01 presented by Lázaro Fernández, our PR Manager, from our official Twitch channel last Friday. Below the video you will also find information about the four releases we presented: Magic Twins, Death Crown, Onirike and Pecaminosa.

Magic Twins

Witches, interdimensional gaps and the island of Mallorca. With these surprising ingredients Flying Beast Labs has created a fusion of puzzle and arcade that will enchant players from 8 to 88 years old. In Magic Twins one or two players, because of course it offers cooperative play, will be able to embody Abra and Cadabra, two charming witches determined to repair the mess they have caused during one of their cute covens.

The only way to close the gaps and neutralize the elemental creatures that sprout from them is to use chromagic, Abra and Cadabra’s ability to summon spells of four colors (blue, yellow, green and red). Each level will confront you with various challenges, from simple and pure survival, annihilating enemies with a shot of the same color, to liquidating them in a precise order of colors to trigger a spell capable of closing the gap and thus move on to the next level. Magic Twins will offer local co-op mode (with Remote Play via Steam) and a lot of unlockable content, including new skins for the pair of witches. Magic Twins will be released on March 18, in digital format, for Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Death Crown

You may have played many real-time strategy games (RTS) but never one as frantic as Death Crown. Incarnate Death itself, the king of the humans or the leader of the infernal hosts in three exciting campaigns in which strategy will be as important as having good reflexes. Death Crown battles last only a few minutes and victory or defeat can be decided in seconds! Build barracks to generate troops and conquer territories, exploit mines to get gold to acquire more resources and build towers to defend your conquests… because your enemies will be relentless!

Death Crown not only offers three exciting single-player campaigns: it also includes PVP and cooperative modes with which you can share the fate of your race with a friend. Live another day to keep fighting or end up fertilizing the battlefield with your bones. This unique creation by CO5MONAUT and Stas Pisarev will soon arrive on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One to prove that there is still room for innovation in a genre as veteran as strategy.


Between a children’s story and a dazzling nightmare, the new release from Devilish Games, the creators of Path to Mnemosyne and King Lucas, takes the concept of 3D adventure games to a new dimension – literally ….. As Prieto, you will have to explore an open world where you will interact with its peculiar inhabitants while you fight to keep your memories.

Through an aesthetic inspired by the classics of Stop Motion animation, Onirike goes beyond the typical 3D platformers to challenge us to use strategy when sowing and collecting the seeds of gypsophila, with which Prieto can preserve his corporeal form in an environment as beautiful as it is hostile. Although sometimes it will be worth taking the risk of becoming invisible to dodge the aggressive soul-eaters that roam the game’s scenarios. Are you willing to take a gamble? You’ll be able to prove it in a few months, when Onirike debuts on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam from Badland Publishing.


John Souza‘s career as a private detective wasn’t going at its best, possibly because the justice had long since left the streets of Pecaminosa. But an unexpected visit took John away from his faithful friend, the bottle, for a moment. The ghost of Charlie “Two Angels”, the most feared mobster in town, burst into his office to give him a job: to catch his associates so he can get through the gates of Heaven. But it won’t be easy…

Inspired by classic Noir films and 90’s Action RPGs, Pecaminosa will lull you with a silky Jazz soundtrack as you explore the city, interrogate its inhabitants and confront the scum of society, bare-knuckled or with your trusty old gun. Collect clues, disguise yourself and win some money playing blackjack. Through the L.I.F.E. system you can customize Souza’s appearance and abilities throughout the adventure, making each game a unique experience, including paranormal phenomena, some whiskey and a lot of fun. Pecaminosa will welcome you with open arms this spring, in digital format for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam.