This coming spring, users of PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC will be able to discover all the enchantments offered by Pecaminosa, the decadent city that gives its name to the new launch of Cereal Games and Badland Publishing. In this adventure, the mechanics and the aesthetics of the classic Action RPGs merge with a total freedom of action, a plot with supernatural touches and a pure film noir setting, where jazz will not be missing.

Located a few miles from the U.S.-Mexico border, Pecaminosa is a magnet for crime, gambling and corruption. A decadent city, abandoned by the hand of God, inhabited by mobsters and criminals, prostitutes and gamblers, who have made Pecaminosa a mixture between the violent post-Prohibition Chicago and the sleaziest version of Las Vegas. This is the scenario you’ll find if you decide to get into the shoes of John Souza, a former cop who, fed up with corruption, gave up any hope of becoming a private detective and a full-time drunk.

During one of his epic hangovers, John receives an unexpected guest: the ghost of Charlie “Two Angels”, the most vile and bloodthirsty gangster of Pecaminosa. In spite of being the biggest scoundrel when he was alive, Charlie doesn’t want to end up in Hell, and he is willing to betray his partners in order to cross the gates of Heaven. To do so, he needs John to locate them, and as if his spectral presence wasn’t enough of an incentive for him to accept the case, he has had his lieutenants, his two “angels”, even more ruthless than he was in life, accompany him: Vinnie and Paul.

Vinnie “Questions” has never stood out for his intelligence, but he has always been faithful to Charlie and has an ally to cut away any mockery: his beloved bat, which he has named “Dolores”. Paul “Dice” is Charlie’s other “angel”, a peculiar guy who always leaves the fate of poor idiots who cross his path in the hands of luck. That’s why he always carries around a pair of bloody dice.

Luckily, John also has some allies among the inhabitants of Pecaminosa, and none as passionate as Sharleena Bluebird, the most sought-after prostitute in “La Joie de Vivre”, the city’s main brothel. Sharleena’s favors are only available to the most prominent politicians and mobsters, providing her with all sorts of valuable information that she will not hesitate to share with John. Because, after all, she’s in love with him.

Sherlock Holmes had a valuable network of informants among London’s beggars, but John Souza only needs one, who is worth all of them. And that is just a child. Darcy grew up in an orphanage of St Louis and ended up seeing for himself how hard the streets of Pecaminosa are. His work as a newspaper delivery boy allows him to be informed of everything that is happening in the city, both what arrives in print and what is said in the darkest alleys.

Throughout the different adventures that John will live in Pecaminosa we will find other characters just as fascinating: Madame Dubarry (the sixty-year-old owner of the brothel), Dave O’Sullivan (a ruthless businessman), the unethical Dr. Shumann, Liam Walsh (an IRA member), Angus Gump (the undertaker), Washi Washi (a laundry owner), Carlos Hernandez (an illegal immigrant running a grocery store), Papa LeBeau (arms dealer), Cullem (veteran cop, one of the few honest law enforcement officers left in the city), Magg Easter, Manuel Terro… All of them, and many other NPCs we will meet during the course of the game, shape a relentless, multicultural city. A melting pot of scoundrels and fortune seekers, of decent people destined to a miserable life and of criminals with no respect for human life… Puppets in a theater of the macabre, where jazz and liquor merge with supernatural elements to create a simply unforgettable gaming experience.