Enjoying your holidays? Take the fun everywhere with the best mobile games

Action, adventure, platforms… whatever your favorite genre, at Badland Publishing we have the perfect game for you to enjoy on the beach, in the mountains or from your home couch. And you won’t need a console or TV: just turn on your iOS or Android mobile device and get ready to enjoy hours and hours of fun!

Willy Jetman: Astromonkey’s Revenge

After delighting PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam users, Willy Jetman lands on iOS and Android, in a port specially designed for these devices. In this Metroidvania-style adventure, action and exploration merge as we explore the outside of planet Gravos and the intricate underworld of caves and temples beneath its surface.


Take on the aggressive Gravos wildlife while increasing your arsenal and improving the power of the jetpack Willy carries on his back. Recycle the garbage scattered around the planet, interact with the locals and find the 20 hidden trophies that will give you access to exclusive upgrades.


Willy Jetman is now available on iOS (under the title Willy Jetman: Gravity Action) and Android devices (with its original title: Willy Jetman: Astromonkey’s Revenge). The names are different, but the gameplay, the action, the exploration, the thrills and the dog-faced duels against the bosses are exactly the same. Don’t waste a second, because the game of the year for mobile devices can be yours at an irresistible price. And don’t forget you can also enjoy the masterpiece of Last Chicken Games on your Nintendo Switch!


Platforms, exploration and puzzles merge to create an amazing adventure in which color becomes crucially important in the game mechanics. Playing as young Hue, you’ll have to transform a grey world into an explosion of colour as you try to solve your mother’s disappearance through the fruits of her research and the clues she left behind. Add new colours to your palette to access previously unreachable places through interconnected levels, in true Metroidvania style.


Hue’s mechanics seem simple at first glance: A yellow block is blocking your way? Activate the yellow colour and it will merge with the stage background. But it doesn’t take long for you to realise that the adventure won’t be as easy as it seems: you’ll have to alternate colours, often in the middle of a jump, to avoid laser traps, stop a rock of a certain colour from crushing you or reveal a door that was previously invisible to your eyes.


Throughout the adventure, Hue will add more colors to the device created by her mother, until she reaches a palette of eight: light blue, purple, orange, pink, dark blue, red, yellow and green. There will come a time when you will have the situation of each colour on the wheel memorised, and with a simple movement of your thumb you will alternate them at a pace you thought impossible at the beginning of the game. Changing colours will be as natural and instinctive for you as jumping or running.


Hue, the Fiddlestick Games‘ masterpiece, is now available on iOS and Android devices in both Europe and the United States from Curve Digital and Badland Publishing. Will you miss it?

Marblelous Animals

Inspired by classics such as Marble Madness, this game of skill transforms the most emblematic animals of the savannah into marbles that we must guide to the hole that serves as a goal in the 40 levels of the game. The fun is that you don’t move the marble itself, but the entire stage, through the accelerometers of your mobile device. Physics, and our skill, will do the rest.

Although the first few levels of Marblelous Animals are fairly straightforward, and work almost like a tutorial, it won’t be long before we see the game’s fangs, with some really fiendish scenarios including moving platforms, switches, trampolines and traps.

Each level can be overcome by taking just one marble to the goal (and we say one, because there are levels that allow us to control several), but only by overcoming the three challenges marked in each level we will manage to accumulate enough stars to access the second half of the game. Some challenges will ask us to complete the level under a strict time limit, others require us to collect all the coins of a scenario before falling in the goal…

Marblelous Animals is available for iOS devices, but you can also enjoy it on your Nintendo Switch.