Although online has forever changed the way we play games, we are sure that you miss those times when the matches between players were decided within the limits of a couch. Due to the pandemic that we have been suffering for more than a year now, many of us cannot play side by side with our friends and in some cases with other family members, so Steam has decided to launch Remote Play Together, a new event focused on cooperative and competitive fun, with the best titles in its catalog that include the Remote Play function.

Don’t you know yet what Remote Play is? Through this function you will be able to invite your friends to play with you, via online, without them needing another key of the game. You will be able to relive all the excitement of couch co-op games, even if you are thousands of miles apart. Remote Play Together starts today, March 25th, and will last until March 29th. During these four days you will be able to get the best Remote Play games with exclusive discounts, and of course, Badland Publishing has also wanted to be part of this beautiful initiative with four of its most fun titles to enjoy in company. If you haven’t played them yet, this is your chance!

Magic Twins

Two witches. The island of Mallorca. A spell that goes wrong. With these ingredients, Flying Beast Labs has created Magic Twins, a hilarious cooperative arcade game that will put you under the skin of Abra and Cadabra, two charming sorceresses determined to stop the Colorgeddon that they themselves provoked. Each of the creatures that will emerge from the central gap of each screen can only be neutralized with a spell of its corresponding color (green, blue, red and yellow). Collect the colored essences they will leave behind to mix them in the cauldron to trigger spells that will vary depending on the order and number of colors. The mechanics may seem simple, but it is fiendishly exciting.

The coordination between both players will be essential to overcome the different levels and scenarios of Magic Twins, which offer different missions and challenges in each screen. Sometimes you will have to execute specific spells, in others you will have to kill enemies of a certain color, and other screens are real puzzles in which ingenuity will be as important as reflexes. And if you play alone do not worry, because the AI will be in charge of controlling the other witch, being able to alternate control over them at all times. Unlock new game modes, such as Endless Mode and its infinite matches, or get new skins for the little witches. And don’t forget that you can recruit a friend through Remote Play. You can find Magic Twins at this link.

Alpaca Ball: Allstars (30% discount)

Salt Castle Studio continues the legacy of the most legendary soccer arcade games to create Alpaca Ball: Allstars, the ultimate party game. Choose your alpaca, customize its appearance and go for the wackiest soccer matches you’ve ever seen in your life. Use your alpaca’s neck to head the ball and score incredible goals by using the boundaries of the field to create spectacular caroms. There is no rule here other than win at any cost. Use the special powers that will appear in the middle of the game, attack your rivals and play matches with up to 8 players or embark on an epic cooperative campaign with a friend that will take you to visit different courts in South America and Europe.

Discover the latest stadiums that have been added to Alpaca Ball: Allstars, including a Christmas court where a train will run over all the players (and the ball) or travel to exotic China to see how a colossal Dragon turns the game around by appearing at the most inopportune moment. And of course, you can use the Remote Play option to invite your friends. The more alpacas participate, the more unpredictable and fun the matches will be. You can download Alpaca Ball: Allstars from this link, and until March 29th you can get it with a 30% discount.

Demon’s Crystals (50% discount)

A direct heir to arcade classics like Smash TV, this frenetic Twin Stick Shooter pits up to four players against hundreds and hundreds of zombies, demons and monsters in frenzied waves across different scenarios where standing still means death. Choose your character and launch yourself into a maelstrom of pyrotechnics and destruction, in which you can collect special weapons in combat to reduce your enemies to a bloody pulp.

This Byte4Games creation is fully compatible with Steam Remote Play, so you will have no problem recruiting three friends to take on the three worlds of Arcade Mode, or play against each other in its 6 multiplayer modes: Survival, Deathmatch, Vs, Crystal Attack, Capture the Great Crystal, and Kill the Enemies. Oh, and you will also be able to face alone in Survival Mode, with the objective of climbing positions in the online world ranking. Don’t waste a second and get Demon’s Crystals with a 50% discount (until March 29th) from this link.

Castles (50% discount)

Forget everything you’ve read about how medieval cathedrals were built. In Castles you will become the architect of the tallest tower in history, based on stacking blocks, with an exciting and dizzying mechanic halfway between Tetris and Sokoban. You have to put the blocks together, depending on their color or the icon they have engraved on their surface, to make them disappear before they fall more from the sky. To be able to add one more floor to your tower, you will have to fulfill the objectives that appear on the edge of the screen, and that will appear randomly. No match will be the same as the previous one.

Fulfill King Harold’s wishes and avoid the continuous sabotage attempts of his envious rival, King Edmund. Get picks to remove pesky blocks and don’t let snow, wind, fog and storms stop you in your work. Castles offers a Story Mode with 50 randomized levels, a Survival Mode and even a Competitive Mode…and all three can be enjoyed in multiplayer thanks to the magic of Remote Play. If you don’t want to miss this addictive arcade puzzle game from Whootgames at the best price (with a 50% discount until March 29th), click on this link right now.