Death Crown

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BadLand Publishing

Death Crown is the most dizzying RTS you'll ever play. Decide the fate of each battle in minutes as you play Death, the King, or the Leader of Demons.

About Death Crown

Become The Death in the most frenetic RTS in history

Once upon a time, there was a king so powerful that, after subduing all his enemies, he believed he could defeat death itself by using an artifact known as The Death Crown. But The Death was not willing to let a mere human challenge his power, and after raising the dead from their graves he has built a powerful army with which she intends to wipe the living off the face of the earth. Choose your side from the dead, the living or the demons and prepare to face the most dizzying RTS (real-time strategy) of all time.

Death Crown is like nothing you’ve ever seen or played before. Using the most basic rules of the genre, CO5MONAUT and Stas Pisarev have created a frenetic and groundbreaking experience where battles are resolved in just minutes.

Generate resources (by building mines, or mills, depending on the faction), troops that you’ll throw against your opponent, and towers that will serve to defend your positions and conquer more ground on the map. In Death Crown, the course of the battle can change in a matter of seconds, so forget about clever strategy and relaxed gameplay – act quickly, act relentlessly or you’ll be history.

Death Crown displays an aesthetic as surprising as it is minimalist, paying tribute to the classics developed for Apple II computers in the 80s. The 1bit Pixel Art, inspired by medieval engravings, is at the service of a mechanism as simple as it is fierce, offering three different campaigns (with more than 90 maps) in which you can embody Death himself, the King or the Lord of the Underworld.

Key Features

  • The most frantic real-time strategy (RTS) you’ve ever seen: victory or defeat will be decided in a matter of minutes.

  • Become The Death, the King of humans or the Lord of Hell in three thematic campaigns with more than 90 different maps.

  • Domination Mode will offer the greatest challenge to RTS fans: climb the rankings while facing 30 hellish missions with only three lives.

  • Impressive 1bit Pixel Art aesthetics inspired by Apple II classics of the 80s and medieval engravings.

  • Atmospheric soundtrack composed by LIGH TH ING that will transport you to a world of sorcery and metal music.

  • Enjoy each of the campaigns in Co-op Mode or take on another player in a Local Versus Mode