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BadLand Publishing

In Oniria Crimes you will help Detective Santos and Inspector Torres, two members of the Rounders, a secret society that fights crime through dreams.

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About Oniria Crimes

Welcome to Oniria, Land of Dreams.

An adventure unlike anything you have ever seen or played, in which you will have to solve different murders in an oniric world, interrogating the objects present in each of the crime scenes. Will you trust their testimonies? Will you manage to leave behind your prejudices to stop the real culprits?

Oniria Crimes will transport you to a dystopian future where human beings have managed to colonize the sphere of dreams, allowing the construction of the first dream city, Palace of Desires, a changing megalopolis where the dreams of all humanity converge. The fragile equilibrium of this world, governed by the Triple Star, the largest guild in Oniria, is about to break down due to a series of mysterious murders, just at the moment when an ever-growing population is beginning to demand changes in the management of the megalopolis.

The Rounders, an organization dedicated to ensuring order and justice, and totally independent and unrelated to the guilds, has mobilized its agents to locate and arrest the perpetrators of these crimes, before chaos erupts in the Palace of Desires. In the world of Oniria, objects have their own voice and personality, and their statements will help you locate the main suspects and find out their possible motivations for committing each murder. Investigate each piece of evidence, and contrast the testimonies of the witnesses until you find the author of each crime. You may be right…or wrong.

The dazzling universe of Oniria Crimes has been recreated through voxels, in 3D environments that you can explore from different angles so as not to lose a clue or a witness. As you solve each crime and question each object you will learn more about this ambitious transmedia universe to which more video games will be added soon, as well as two novels.

Key Features

– Welcome to Oniria, an oniric world that escapes the laws of physics

– You will search for clues at each crime scene and interrogate the objects in each room, unwitting witnesses of atrocious acts.

Dazzling 3D environments created with voxels. Rotate the camera around each room so as not to lose a clue, a detail, or a testimony.

Spectacular soundtrack at the disposal of a script that pours out humor and references to classics of literature and pop culture.