The island of Mallorca has always been related to beach and fun, but because of two charming witches it will receive the most surprising and undesirable tourists. Abra and Cadabra challenged the first rule of the island’s School of Witchcraft: “Never use your chromagic powers to dye clothes“. And in doing so, they have opened up various inter-dimensional gaps through which elementals of color sprout incessantly. Colormageddon is here!

In Magic Twins you will have to control, in company of a friend or alone in the single player mode, the two witches to use their chromagic and their cauldron to stop the invaders and return the island of Mallorca to normal. The mechanics of this delicious creation of Flying Beast Labs is a fusion of arcade and puzzle in which you will have to alternate between four colors (blue, yellow, green and red) to stop the invaders that will be sprouting from the center of the screen.

Each enemy elemental can only be neutralized with a shot of its own color, but to close the interdimensional gaps, Abra and Cadabra must fulfill a variety of objectives: collect essences of color, unleash powerful spells or simply survive! Each level has its own rules, so watch out for crazy shooting!

If you recruit a friend to play in local cooperative (in Steam it also allows to play in Remote Play) the fun and laughter will be guaranteed, because you will have to coordinate with your partner to finish off the enemies, string the precise color combos and overcome all the special challenges! If you play alone you can count on the AI to control the other witch, but you’ll have to switch witches to control both sides of the screen (we weren’t going to let the AI do all the dirty work!). And of course, only you will be responsible for executing the special spells capable of stopping the invasion.

Magic Twins also allows you to get new skins for Abra and Cadabra, and you can unlock new game modes and tons of secrets. Inspired by legendary classics like Puzzle Bobble and more modern ones like Plants Vs Zombies and Overcooked, this hilarious creation from Flying Beast Labs combines all the fun of classic arcades with a dazzling Kawaii aesthetic.

Magic Twins will charm Nintendo Switch and Steam users from March 18th, under the Badland Publishing label.