Starting today, you are cordially invited to the most colorful and cute coven in the history of video games. Magic Twins, the long-awaited puzzle arcade from Flying Beast Labs and Badland Publishing is now available to bring color and fun to your Nintendo Switch and PC, through the eShop or Steam. Play solo, or even better with a friend in co-op mode, to help Abra and Cadabra deal with the disaster they caused themselves by dyeing their laundry. Can the island of Mallorca survive the imminent Colormageddon?

Each of the levels of Magic Twins provide different challenges that will require us to use Chromagic, our weapon to stop the elemental beings that will emerge from the inter-dimensional gaps caused by Abra and Cadabra’s mischief.With each of the pad buttons you can select a different color magic (blue, yellow, green and red) with which to neutralize the elemental of that color.  But be careful, because it won’t take long for the black elementals to appear, which will require an extra shot to reveal their true color…

Each of the witches will be located on one side of the scenario, with her friend the cauldron located at the bottom of the screen. Some elementals, when eliminated, will leave essences of their color that we will be able to collect to elaborate spells whose effects will vary depending on the order and the number of colors used. For example, combining red and blue in the cauldron will unleash a spell that will dye all enemies in those two colors, which will facilitate their destruction. Or you can add an essence of each color to the cauldron to dye the enemies white and thus be able to destroy them with any shot, regardless of their color.

To pass certain levels you will have to unleash a series of specific spells, while others will require other objectives, such as defeating a certain number of elementals of a specific color. But that’s not all: in addition to the main objective, each level poses secondary challenges that will allow us to earn extra stars with which to access levels with special mechanics that will allow us to earn extra skins for the witches.

The key to success in Magic Twins lies in the coordination between Abra and Cadabra. If you play alone, you can count on the help of the AI, which will control the other witch from the opposite side of the scenario, although you can alternate control over them by simply pressing a button on the pad. Of course, the chances of success and the fun will increase exponentially by recruiting a second player. And the best part is that you won’t have to buy an extra Nintendo Switch controller: the two players can split the joy-con to enjoy the charm and cooperative magic of Magic Twins at home, in the park or during a trip on the subway. And if you’re a Steam user, you can also play with a friend in co-op, with a single copy of the game, thanks to Remote Play.

The mechanics of Magic Twins are centered around the use of color, so Flying Beast Labs has introduced several viewing modes for blind color players. It’s as simple as going to the options screen and choosing from eight different blind color filters to find the one that best suits your spectrum of vision. Magic and fun should always be for everyone!

Explore different game locations, change the skins of the witches and face new challenges on each screen in a feast of kawaii graphics with hilarious dialogues. Unlock achievements, skins and exclusive modes, such as the challenging Endless mode. Be Cute! Put on your beaky hat and keep Mallorca from sinking into the chromatic chaos!

Magic Twins is now available on Nintendo Switch and Steam in digital format from Flying Beast Labs and Badland Publishing.

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