Official statement about our physical editions

Due to the current situation we are all living in Spain caused by the COVID-19, we have a communication for all of you from BadLand Publishing:


Dear collaborator, friend and customer:

Due to the extraordinary and worrying situation caused by the COVID-19 the entire Badland Publishing team we have decided to postpone our PHYSICAL FORMAT launches until everything is back to normal. We feel it is irresponsible to put the health of people involved in handling, shipping, and home delivery at risk if not for basic necessities.

We continue working on the digital launches of HUE (IOS & Android) and Theme Park Simulator (Nintendo Switch).

Our catalogue in digital and mobile format is 100% available.

We are preparing offers in the different digital platforms to make our games even more accessible and we have launched a daily raffle of keys with the only requirement of commenting for the app to register your participation.

Now more than ever, those of us who are dedicated to entertainment have a responsibility to the players.

We hope you understand our decision and that this happens as soon as possible.