From February the 3rd, until the 9th, a new edition of the Steam Game Festival is being held, where gamers can have access to playable demos of 500 new releases, as well as enjoy a multitude of livestreams by developers. Badland Publishing is part of this festival with two of its most powerful releases for 2021: Onirike and Pecaminosa. And that’s not all, because on Steam you will also find the playable demo of another one of our big hits for this year: Magic Twins.


Along with a new and spectacular trailer, Onirike presents a new playable demo for Steam that will allow PC players to enter the captivating and surprising universe created by Devilish Games. This demo will allow you to take your first steps in The Orb, the dreamlike world in which Onirike takes place, and explore areas such as The Circus and The Stone Forest.

Incarnating Prieto, the unique hero of Orinike, you will learn some of the main features of the new masterpiece of the authors of Path to Mnemosyne and King Lucas. A fusion of 3D adventure, platforms and puzzles set in a fantastic open world with an absolutely dazzling aesthetic.

Explore amazing environments while interacting with a surreal fauna of characters, avoiding terrifying soul eaters and planting gypsophila flowers to create safe routes that will prevent Prieto from becoming incorporeal… although sometimes, becoming an ethereal being could save his life.

Onirike will debut on Steam, as well as PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in digital format, on April the 29th, from Badland Publishing. Are you ready to enter the world of dreams?



Cereal Games will also be present at the Steam Demo Festival with Pecaminosa, a surprising adventure that combines the mechanics of classic Action RPGs with a delicious film Noir setting. What promised to be just another soirée between John Souza and his bottle of whiskey ends up becoming the strangest case of his career as a private detective, when the ghost of the city’s top kingpin appears in his office to propose a job: to capture his former associates so that his soul can reach heaven.

It’s going to be a long night for Souza as he wanders the decadent streets of Pecaminosa, a town near the US-Mexico border, where crime and corruption impregnate everything, from the police station to the filthiest joint. Win money playing Blackjack in the casino, visit the liquor store and the brothel, show your ability to fight with your fists and don’t hesitate to use the pistol or the machine gun, because in Pecaminosa you don’t get anywhere with kind words.

Immerse yourself in a Noir adventure with supernatural elements thanks to a spectacular jazz soundtrack, 100% original, and an aesthetic inspired by classics from the history of cinema such as Touch of Evil. Customize John Souza’s appearance and make him evolve in your own way, distributing the experience points that you will acquire through the L.I.F.E. system (Luck, Intelligence, Force, Endurance).

Pecaminosa brings the spirit of Action RPG classics like The Legend of Zelda to a world of cops and mobsters: explore the city and the interior of its buildings, interrogate people, collect clues and testimonies and face the worst of the local underworld: from petty criminals to kingpins.

Welcome to Pecaminosa. The adventure will start next May the 21st, in digital format for Steam, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, but from today you can stomp the streets thanks to the brand new Steam demo. Put your hat on: it’s going to be a night you’ll never forget.


Magic Twins

The spirit of the arcades of the 80s and 90s impregnates every pixel of this Flying Beast Labs’ creation, in which one or two players, thanks to its cooperative gameplay, will embody Abra and Cadabra, the Magic Twins, two charming little witches who must protect the island of Mallorca from the disaster that they themselves caused. The Colormageddon has been unleashed, and our first and last line of defense is this duo of sorceresses who must combine their chromatic powers to defeat the hordes of elemental color.

The gameplay of Magic Twins is as simple as it is exciting: alternate the color of your shots (blue, yellow, green and red) to neutralize the elemental of the corresponding color. But that will only stop the invasion for a few moments: to close the interdimensional gaps you will have to complete a series of varied objectives, in which the aim and the cold blood to alternate between colors will be as important as the coordination between both witches.

Discover new areas of the Mallorca island as you unlock new game modes, different enemies, secrets and secondary objectives. The mechanics of Magic Twins may seem simple at first, but that’s part of its charm: progressively you will fall in love with its charming 2D graphics of kawaii aesthetics, while you get new and adorable skins for the pair of witches and you face more and more diabolical levels.

Magic Twins combine the best of Puzzle Bobble, Plants vs Zombies and Overcooked with a spooky kawaii visual style. Flying Best Labs‘ game will unleash its spell starting March the 18th on Steam and Nintendo Switch, from Badland Publishing.