Today January 29th we had the media presentation of Willy Jetman Astromonkey’s Revenge.

The guys from Last Chicken Games, Carlos, Rubén, Hernán, Emilio and Javier, came from Barcelona to have the opportunity to be interviewed and tell us about their experience developing this video game that has taken them 5 years.

At the presentation, the attendees had the opportunity to try out Willy Jetman and see who could or could not overcome the different levels that the developers had prepared for them. And many of them were delighted.

At the presentation we could see a team very devoted to their project and an illusion that flooded the room. Willy Jetman is a game that was born as an idea of wanting to bring to more players their excitement and passion for video games. And even more so, for those retro games, something we’ve all played at some point in our lives as children or adults. Once they had finished the staging and introduced themselves to all the attendees, they proceeded to give interviews to tell about their many experiences.

BadLand Publishing would like to thank all those who attended the event, and especially the Last Chiken Games team for giving us the opportunity to work with such great professionals. We are excited about their great project and are confident that little Willy will travel to infinity and beyond.

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