Press Release – Badland Publishing signs a collaboration agreement with eGoGames.


Badland Publishing signs a collaboration agreement with eGoGames.

Badland will publish some of the Social eSports titles of the newly created eGoGames.


Madrid (Spain), January 23rd, 2019:

The evolution of eSports goes further and further and eGoGames positions itself as a pioneer in Europe when it comes to bringing competitive gaming closer to skill games on smartphones and tablets.

eGoGames has developed a platform that integrates into any mobile device skill game, allowing users to compete against each other for prizes in real or virtual money (in GG currency).

Badland Publishing will bring its expertise to the video game market and publish titles that will form part of the future eGoGames catalogue.

BadLand_Press_eGoGames BadLand_Press_eGoGames

Several titles are already available on the platform. Badland Publishing’s goal is to increase the number and further diversify the genres available to the player.

What is eGoGames?

eGoGames is the first mobile eSports platform, where players can experience the thrill of electronic competitions firsthand by playing from their own mobile or tablet.

What does eGoGames offer?

Users will be able to choose mobile games for all tastes – casual, sports, arcade, HyperCasual, Shooters…- and compete in one-on-one or tournaments. eGoGames has patented its algorithm in 155 countries, which guarantees equality for all participants in their competitions. This ensures that the skill is the only variable that determines the winner of the clashes.

BadLand_Press_eGoGames BadLand_Press_eGoGames

eGoGames is a solution for all types of players:

  • Mobile gamers will finally see their skills rewarded, be able to compete in one-on-one duels or play exciting tournaments with attractive real money prizes for the winners.
  • The most casual player will be able to play for real money or for our virtual currency, GG’s, competitions are available in both currencies, so less experienced players can train their skills before entering a real money competition.
  • Younger players can enjoy fun games that help reinforce subjects such as math, geography, languages, history and many more. They will also be able to play all the eGoGames games with GG’s, the free currency.

How does eGoGames work?

The process is quite straightforward. Simply download any of the 10 games that eGoGames has available in Apple Store or Galaxy Apps or download directly from egogames.com/games, register in one of them and you will have your eGo account for any game you want to enjoy.

The money you deposit will be shared by all games, but the ranking will not be the same. Each game will have its own ranking where weekly the best players will see their effort rewarded with the sharing of the collected jackpot. The more users compete that week the bigger the jackpot will be.

In eGoGames you will always have a reward. By competing in any game you will receive an assured prize in the form of gems, a currency you can redeem at the eGoGames Store for great prizes ranging from a mobile phone holster to a super sports car.


eGoGames closed its initial investment round last July with a valuation of 3 million euros. The profile of investors is very diverse, ranging from sportsmen to owners of multinationals. Something never seen before in our country and that shows the potential of the Startup.

Today eGoGames collaborates with 3 of the Big Four in financial, fiscal, legal and technical matters, which guarantees the company strong support to consolidate its ambitious launch and expansion project. It also has the support of other top companies such as Publicis Media in the fields of communication and marketing.

Since last week you can try the first games of the platform, downloading them from Apple Store, Galaxy Store or download them directly from egogames.com/juegos.

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