Hue is now available for smartphones and tablets.

The award-winning Fiddlesticks Games title hits iOS and Android today.


Madrid, April 23rd 2020 – The amazing title from Fiddlesticks Games finally hits smartphones and tablets with a customized version for touch screens. Puzzles and platforms are brought together in a title with original mechanics and no less striking appearance and story.


Hue on Apple App Store and Google Play Store


Turn a gray world into a colorful blast as you guide Hue on his journey to solve his mother’s disappearance.

Collect the clues she left behind in an exciting, action-packed, puzzle-solving platform adventure.

Change the color of the environment to reveal doors, overcome obstacles, dodge enemies and activate mechanisms and traps. In Hue, nothing is what it seems at first sight.


Add more colors to your palette to unlock new routes to reach previously unreachable doors and platforms.

Hue brings a new perspective to the classic Metroidvania-style adventures, where colour will play a key role in game mechanics.

Hue impressed critics and audiences on PS4Switch, and PC, and now comes to iOS and Android devices in a version perfectly suited for touch-screen controls.


Main features:

  • Unique gameplay mechanics that uses chromatism to give a twist to the classic platformer genre.
  • Action and puzzles in a version custom designed for touch-screen devices.
  • Add new colours to your palette to access previously unreachable areas, Metroidvania style.
  • Dazzling environments that combine silhouettes with colourful elements.
  • More than 30 different music tracks add drama to a story about love, loss and regret.
  • Storytelling by Anna Acton and Matthew Wade, some of the UK’s best television talent.