Press Release – Marblelous Animals is here! Free for iOS and Android

Marblelous Animals is now available for Apple iOS and Google Android.

BadLand Publishing’s first mobile game is released today for all major mobile platforms, developed by Moad Studio. 

BadLand_Publishing_My Time At Portia

Madrid, April 11, 2019: BadLand Publishing debuts in the mobile applications area with its first free game for Apple iOS and Google Android, Marblelous Animals, developed by the studio specializing in mobile Moad Studio.

Marblelous Animals is an action, ability and puzzle game, where you play in rounded and colorful animal world from a third person view.

The most diverse animals from all over the world Get fat and rounded because their fast food diet. Will our dear friends be able to roll back to their natural habitat with their new rounded shape? Dozens of dangers and obstacles await them along the way, help them to find a safe path to home.

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You will take the role of the cute animals, you must be dexterous rolling through the different levels to reach the goal. Set in the wildest and most recognized habitats in the world, you will overcome levels set in the fascinating savannah, the dangerous desert, the mysterious jungle, and the great deltas of Africa.

Collect coins and gems to unlock new fascinating and rounded animals that will join your adventure.

Unlock new worlds and levels as you get over challenges. The path is full of mechanisms such as walkways, moving platforms, jumps, thrusters and other objects that will make your way an adventure.

To play Marblelous Animals you need a mobile device with a gyroscope, a sensor that allows precise recording of the position and rotation of the device to be used in the game.

Roll the animals tilting your mobile device thanks to the gyroscope, with an easy and simple control. And navigate through different screens and menus using touch controls.

BadLand_Publishing_Marblelous Animals BadLand_Publishing_Marblelous Animals

Main features:

  • Free game.
  • 40 levels divided into 2 great worlds.
  • Fast, agile and precise gameplay. Enjoy total control of the animals thanks to the gyroscope controller.
  • Great variety of cute characters, you will not know to choose which you like more.
  • Different kinematics, at the beginning of each game, the selected animal or animals will make a short and fun kinematics.
  • Inn addition to the main levels, you will find different mini-games within the game, making the game even funnier.
  • Continuous updates with accessories adapted to different events, which will allow you to customize your animals more.


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