Press Release – Noahmund gets update patch 1.2


Noahmund 1.2 update patch is now available.

The patch fixes some bugs and includes new game options.


Madrid, Spain, September 4th, 2018: Estudio Ábrego has released a new patch to fix some bugs encountered through Noahmund. They ensure that this patch improves Noahmund experience too. The new patch uploaded added two major changes:

  • New calibration system: For those players that couldn’t play with specific controllers, now, they have the option to calibrate their own based on the Xbox layout controller.
  • Fixed a major bug that impedes players to save game after a conversation at Crystal Lab.

BadLand_Games_Publishing_Noahmund BadLand_Games_Publishing_Noahmund With these main fixes, Estudio Ábrego developers recommend to start a new game, because it is possible that saved games files miss some conversations in the future.
 To know more about this patch visit Noahmund on Steam: Noahmund Steam Community

Noahmund will be available on Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4.
More info coming soon.

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