Badland Publishing joins the #StayAtHome initiative with three special packs that bring together the best of their indie catalogue with a 70% discount. You can choose from three themed packs, ranging from a megapack with 13 games to compilations focused on adventure and casual fun. All these offers will be active on Steam until March 31st.

The Stay At Home With Badland megapack brings together the whole of Badland Publlishing’s fantastic indie catalogue at a 70% discount! This means a saving of more than 90 euros compared to its usual price. These are the games that make it up:


Awe allows you to express your creativity by building and shaping planetary ecosystems in a relaxing environment generated by beautiful, minimalist, low-resolution 3D style and surround music. You’ve never seen anything like Awe.  


Anima: Gate of Memories

A spectacular third-person action RPG that tells the story of a legendary monster and a young girl with no past, two beings united by an unintended pact. Forced to stay together, their lives will take an unexpected turn when they become involved in a shadow war in which they take on a leading role. A super-production created in Spain that has nothing to envy the JRPG.


Anima: Gate of Memories – The Nameless Chronicles

A third person Action RPG that tells the story of the Nameless One, an immortal being with a curse: to travel the world for all eternity. When he encounters a shadow of his past, he must participate in a conflict that will bring his entire existence into play. The Nameless Chronicles is the second video game set in the world of Gaia de Anima: Beyond Fantasy. Enjoy a story in which your decisions affect your adventure and mark your destiny.



Castles tells the story of ambitious King Harold, whose greatest achievement will be the tower you’re building. As it gets higher and higher, more challenges arise. The unpredictable weather and the efforts of the jealous and vengeful King Edmund, Harold’s archrival, can eventually thwart your efforts. Castles features two game modes (Story and Survival) and can be enjoyed individually or multiplayer. With over 50 levels of random play in Story mode, you’ll never play the same game twice. You don’t control the blocks themselves, but an engineer, creating a unique gameplay experience.


Ginger: Beyond the Crystal

An adventure and platform game in which you will have to reconstruct a devastated world in which its inhabitants have disappeared. But there is still hope; Ginger, the main character, will be in charge of restoring the world’s connection with the goddess who has given it life, purifying the damaged crystals scattered throughout an environment full of enemies, traps and platforms that you will have to overcome throughout 15 different levels. Some characters will give you special abilities that will help you solve puzzles and defeat enemies more easily. Three different worlds to discover, each with its own enemies and peculiarities, an epic soundtrack, tons of hidden bonuses … all this is Ginger: Beyond the Crystal.



An Action RPG brimming with humor. Explore ruins! Defeat monsters! Save the world! In Zenith you will play Argus Windell, a most unusual hero, an Archanologist who must explore a vast world full of huge bosses, dangerous enemies and lots of winks and references to classic RPG’s. Palace intrigues! Orcs, morons! Giant spiders that sing like sopranos! Zenith is like nothing you’ve ever seen or played before.



A 2D platform-puzzle with unique gameplay, in which you play a little girl with the ability to multiply herself. Explore and discover Eden, a beautiful but strange world, with beautiful hand-designed levels. BOOR displays over 80 screens, and hides tons of collectibles and secrets that you must discover for yourself.


Demon’s Crystals

A frenetic twin stick shooter where you will guide the Uricanes demons among countless dangers to restore peace in the world. A wide variety of weapons and power-ups will help you defeat the tireless hordes of enemies. The arcade features a four-player co-op mode, a single-player Survival mode, and you can compete with players from around the globe thanks to online rankings.


Nightmare Boy

A dazzling 2D metroidvania of action and adventure that takes place in an interconnected world where dreamlike scenarios are mixed with enemies taken from the worst nightmares. You’ll meet strange characters you can interact with, and learn magic or skills that will lead you to new areas to discover. This authentic jewel made in Spain not only displays some simply spectacular character and scenario designs: the vast majority of the animations are made by traditional animation. For example, the main character’s animations are made up of more than 500 drawings. Are you going to miss it?



A 2D platform game that pays a clear tribute to all those platform games that emerged in the nineties such as Flashback, Heart of Darkness or Another World. In Illusoria you will be immersed in a fantasy world full of wonderful characters and terrible monsters. A place where death lurks at every step and where patience and skill will be your best allies. As Guardian of the Flame you must protect the kingdom of Illusoria, its inhabitants and its Empress. To do so, you must acquire the powers of the Guardian throughout your adventure in order to defeat the Puppet Master and his hosts. Time is against him and the Empress is counting on you.


Vostok Inc.

The Wolf of Wall Street… with lasers! You’re the new director of Vostok Inc., a greedy space capitalist whose goal is to become filthy rich. Make your way through the solar system with your ship and earn Vostok credits for access to mini-games and ship and weapon upgrades, while defeating evil bosses to synth music. Use your winnings to upgrade your ship, modify weapons, and engage in interplanetary business to earn money. Capitalism on a galactic scale.


Mars: Chaos Menace

Humanity is terraforming Mars, but chaos and destruction threaten the planet. In this frenetic “Bullet Hell” you’ll have to make your way through countless hordes and face the most terrible and powerful monsters in the galaxy. In Mars: Chaos Menace you’ll find huge bosses, different kinds of enemies with different behaviours, beautiful scenery and devastating power-ups – good luck and cheer! Our fate is in your hands.

BadLand_Publishing_Ofertas_IndieDevLeopoldo Manquiseil

THE VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY IS IN DANGER! A dishonest organization (A.M.E.) has set out to monopolize the industry and thus control the minds of the players. Developers and distributors have two options: either they side with it or the market will crush them. Leopoldo Manquiseil is a small tribute to a David Santos, one of the great characters of the spanish industry, developed by the Madrid-based The Vanir Project. This action and platform game offers 24 intense levels with varied mechanics with winks to classics of the caliber of Flappy Bird or Pang.