Theme Park Simulator: PlayStation 4 now has its own amusement park

After its initial debut on smartphones and its subsequent move to Nintendo Switch, where it has achieved great success, Theme Park Simulator: Rollercoaster Paradise will now make all its attractions available on PlayStation 4. The version for PS4, now available, has improved visuals compared to the original and a control system specially suited for the DualShock 4.


Although the vast majority of titles based on amusement parks proposed all kinds of management mechanics, no game to date could claim to be a true simulator; until now, not a single title had given the player the opportunity to control each attraction following the same safety and operating parameters as in real life. Theme Park Simulator: Rollercoaster Paradise will offer a real-life experience, and will be available in digital format for PlayStation 4 from Badland Publishing.


This Spanish production allows us to control the 11 most emblematic rides of the theme parks, managing the capacity, activating the security systems and providing an unforgettable experience to our virtual visitors, all from the Dual Shock 4 controller.

In Theme Park Simulator not only will you be in charge of every single experience in your theme park, but you will also be able to activate lighting and smoke effects in each ride and even vary the decoration of some of them.


And if you get tired of being behind the control panel, at each of the rides you will be able to access different cameras, including a free one, which will allow you to have a complete vision of your customers’ experience… Or put yourself in their own skin! Feel the adrenaline of the roller coaster, enjoy a relaxing ride on the Ferris wheel or drive one of the bumper cars.


In Theme Park Simulator: Rollercoaster Paradise you can control these 11 rides:


The most emblematic ride of any amusement park. Ideal for romantics, people not looking for strong emotions or simply grandparents wanting to relive their childhood. Control the speed of the wheel, change its direction and rotate the traffic of the public before the queue reaches the parking lot.



Another classic of amusement parks and major town fairs. The best thing is that not only will you be able to manage everything from the control booth… You will be able to get into one of the cars and use the steering wheel and the accelerator through the Dual Shock 4!


One of the most extreme rides in the park. This mechanical arm defies gravity by swinging up to 180 degrees at increasing speed. You can control the direction of the arm and even the rotation of the four passenger cabins at its end.



The classic “Bowl”, a source of dramatic tumbles and no less a source of laughter at any self-respecting fair. This attraction uses centrifugal force to push its passengers to the limit of their resistance. You can change the decoration of the bottom and even give a little scare to the passengers by pressing a button that will make the turntable give boats.



In Spain many of us knew this ride under another name: el Gusano Loco (the Crazy Worm). It unleashes the hysteria of the passengers by accelerating the speed of the train and lowers its hood at the moment when they least expect it. It turns a romantic ride into an infernal tour.



The intricate network of rails that make up this roller coaster and the 360º rotations of its cabins will guarantee strong emotions for your passengers.


The extreme version of the Ferris wheel. This centrifugal machine with umbrellas also allows you to raise its axis, triggering the adrenaline of its passengers.


This roller coaster is designed to throw its passengers at full speed on its rails, while facing the force of gravity and turns that test their necks.



Another classic of the amusement parks: the Pirate Ship.Use the controls to increase the speed of the barge and select the different cameras to live the experience from inside.



In this nostalgic ride you will be able to select different patterns for the movements of the pneumatic arms, which will not stop going up and down while everything turns at dizzying speed.


The most extreme challenge in our park, only for the bravest. A real centrifuge that will make your two barges spin up to 360º. You will be able to control from the speed to the direction of the turns.

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