Gamelab, the professional event of reference in Spain, returns this year from June 23rd to 25th, in a new digital format where its already famous awards dedicated to the best video games published in Spain during the last year will not be missing. Among the nominees for the popular “fleas”, named after Bugaboo, the first video game developed in Spain, is Willy Jetman: Astromonkey’s Revenge, the extraordinary old-school adventure created by Last Chicken Games and produced by Badland Publishing.

Willy Jetman; Astromonkey’s Revenge is a 2D adventure in the purest Metroidvania style that fuses platforms with fierce shooter mechanics and RPG elements. Players can improve their arsenal and jetpack power to reach unexplored areas of the Gravos’ planet, the battlefield of a space odyssey where the toughest bosses and sense of humor will not be lacking.


If you haven’t yet enjoyed Willy Jetman; Astromonkey’s Revenge, it’s available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Steam (PC and Mac) and from 9 July on iOS and Android devices. On the Steam page you’ll find a playable demo that lets you explore the first three maps of the game, and once you try it out you won’t be able to quit!


And if you want to know how the game was created, don’t miss this exclusive interview with its authors, Last Chicken Games:

In a few days we will know if Willy Jetman; Astromonkey’s Revenge has already won the Gamelab award for best video game developed in Spain. The competition will be fierce, but being part of such a remarkable selection of titles is already a source of pride.