Willy Jetman’s space odyssey is now available on iOS and Android devices.

After delighting PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam users, Willy Jetman lands on iOS and Android, in a port specially designed for these devices. You’ve never experienced such precise touch-screen control as this production from Last Chicken Games and Badland Publishing offers. Certain elements of the scenarios have also been adapted, as well as the placement of some items to maintain the challenging experience of the original, adapting it to the way of playing on mobile devices.

Willy Jetman: Astromonkey’s Revenge crowns the first place in the list of the best Spanish videogames appeared throughout this 2020 in the DeVuego aggregator, which is not surprising given the great reception that the console versions had a few months ago. The national and international press fell in love with this Metroidvania adventure in which action and exploration merge while we explore the outside of the planet Gravos and the intricate underworld of caves and temples that it hides under its surface.


Take on the aggressive Gravos wildlife while increasing your arsenal and improving the power of the jetpack Willy carries on his back. Recycle the garbage scattered around the planet, interact with the locals and find the 20 hidden trophies that will give you access to exclusive upgrades.


Action, platforming, exploration, RPG elements, lots of humour and tough, impressive bosses await you in this Old School-style odyssey that pays homage to 2D classics from Solar Jetman to Cave Story.


Willy Jetman is now available on iOS (under the title Willy Jetman: Gravity Action) and Android devices (with its original title: Willy Jetman: Astromonkey’s Revenge). The names are different, but the gameplay, the action, the exploration, the thrills and the dog-faced duels against the bosses are exactly the same. Don’t waste a second, because the game of the year for mobile devices can be yours at an irresistible price: 3.99 euros / 3,99 dollars.